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We are still open and working, despite Covid-19 but, as with everyone else, we have had to adapt our approach.

Effective from mid-March 2020, all of our tuition is being conducted on-line using Zoom on a one-to-one basis. We are working with whiteboards, able to share topic sheets during the sessions and setting work to be done at home by e-mailing worksheets. This seems to be working well with the students still with us, all aged between 10 and 19.

It is not all bad. We now have a student living in Scotland!

Common Entrance

This examination, normally taken at 11+ or 13+, is for entry into independent schools. The standard required by some schools can be very high, and we recommend that tuition starts at least one year before the examination.

At 11+ the examination takes place in early November and late January and consists of four papers: English 1, English 2, Mathematics and Science. These are spread over two days.

At 13+, schools are increasingly requiring a pass at a ‘pre-test’ before accepting an application. A good standard at CE is still required in most cases.

Some schools set their own examinations rather than using Common Entrance.

The 13+ examination is held three times each year, over four days each in late January, in May/June and in early November. English, Maths and Science are compulsory papers, but students are generally expected to offer several additional subjects. The senior school to which admission is sought should be consulted. Scholarship examinations are taken in late February and early May.

We provide tutorial support for Maths and have experience of students who are working at all three levels of CE maths.

Scholarship Entry

Scholarship entry may be either through CASE (Common Academic Scholarship Examination) or through the Academic Scholarship examinations set by the school. We have experience of both forms of examination. Where the school permits, we keep copies of past papers. In other cases we rely on guidance from parents or the Prep. School for the work which has to be covered.

6th Form Entry

At 16+ schools set their own examinations for scholarship, and some set additional papers to GCSE. These are related to expected A-level subjects. We can help students taking Mathematics.